how to take care of your jewellery 


Store jewellery separately so it doesn’t scratch other jewellery.

Do not apply pressure because it may cause delicate jewellery to bend or break.

sterling silver - 

- Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place, away from direct sun exposure. 

- avoid damp environments for your pieces. 

- never apply perfume or makeup directly on your pieces.

- when applying cosmetic products on your body, wait for some time before putting on your jewellery. 

yellow gold plated - 

k'ssara uses 14ct gold.

- gold plated jewellery wears off over time, to avoid the change as long as possible be aware of how you clean and wear your pieces.

- it is advised to take off jewellery when doing physical activities. 

- try not to shower or bathe in your jewellery. especially avoid chlorine.

- don't apply perfume straight onto your jewellery, also wait before putting on your pieces after you put any type of product on your body, to be sure it stays in its best form.


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